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The Helicopter Podcast Episode #6 – The Round Table

Episode Description

The Helicopter Podcast Episode #6

On this week's episode of The Helicopter Podcast, Halsey chats with his powerhouse round table of industry professionals! They discuss training, how they funded their training, and other industry-related topics, including the tragic Kobe Bryant accident. Each of these guys brings a perspective of the industry as they see it and speaks about their pathway into becoming a professional pilot. This open-ended discussion brings such value to our listeners as the guys also share advice for someone contemplating this as a career path, or those just starting out. Thanks, gentlemen, for making this first-ever panel Podcast a grand success!

Ideas for future shows and guests? Contact Hilary!

Hilary.s@sellacopter.com or 1-855-735-5226

Thank you to our sponsor, Sellacopter, for making this show possible!

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