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The Helicopter Podcast Episode #9 – Stephen Ryan

Episode Description

The Helicopter Podcast Episode #9

Halsey chats it up with Stephen Ryan, pilot, and founder of
The Rotor Break, a helicopter-specific blog allowing industry professionals to share their "day in the life" stories. Even though Halsey and Stephen were born on nearly opposite ends of the Earth, they both, from a very young age, were looking skyward and imagining the day they could control the machines flying above. Stephen set some airframe goals on what he "had" to fly, and he's achieved those goals in his nearly twenty-year career.

This episode has a little something for everyone: Stephen's path, starting his blog, flying his dream machines, and other industry topics, including the importance of learning from NTSB reports and developing strong decision-making skills. Thank you, Stephen, for making this an excellent episode!

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