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The Helicopter Podcast Season #2 EP. 1 – York Galland (iflyheli) & Hoss Golanbari (Eurotec Canada)

Episode Description

Get ready for a front-seat helicopter adventure with one of Instagram’s major stars! Season #2, episode #1 kicks off with the famed York Galland of @iflyheli.

Halsey, York, and EuroTec Canada owner, Hoss Golanbari, set off on an epic journey exploring Utah's rugged and remote landscape.

Beginning as a fixed-wing pilot, York first started flying helicopters nearly two decades ago. This “hobby” would soon take him down an unexpected and exciting path as he photographed and shared his helicopter ventures with the masses!

Today, after owning an R44, R66, and Bell 505, York proudly captains his beautiful Airbus H130T2 "Ashley Red" helicopter on photographic exhibitions for more than 105,000 Instagram followers.

In this podcast, you’ll learn how York's 20-year helicopter journey made him a prominent social media success.You’ll hear about the various airframes he’s owned and how York worked with EuroTec Canada to custom complete his one-of-a-kind H130. All this and more, as we soar above some of Utah’s most breathtaking mountain ranges.

Great conversation, stunning natural beauty, and a state-of-the-art helicopter make this episode one for the ages.Please like, share, and most importantly, enjoy!

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