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Episode 3- How To Helicopter With Faith Ortega Part II

Episode Description

Welcome to the Vertical MRO Podcast, brought to you by Vertical HeliCASTS.

In this two-part interview, we’re extremely excited to introduce Faith Ortega, a prominent figure in the maintenance technician community known to many through her social media platform, How to Helicopter.

Ortega’s journey into aviation maintenance began at Southern Illinois University, renowned for its outstanding aviation program. There, she earned a bachelor of applied science degree in Aviation Technologies with a specialization in helicopters, which culminated in her A&P certification.

Ortega recently earned her Inspection Authorization (IA) certificate, granting her the authority to approve annual inspections and sign off on major repairs and alterations.

Ortega embarked on her career as an A&P at Helicopters Inc., where she immersed herself in the electronic news gathering (ENG) industry, gaining invaluable experience. Ortega later transitioned to the public safety aviation sector. She now serves as a helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) mechanic and instructor, contributing to critical missions that save lives.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Ortega is a passionate advocate for the maintenance technician community through her social media platform (How To Helicopter), where she highlights the vital work of technicians and actively engages in recruiting the next generation of talent.

Additionally, Ortega generously volunteers her time at Gateway Youth Foundation, nurturing aspiring aviators and young minds.

Join us as we delve into Ortega’s inspiring journey, her contributions to the maintenance technician field, and her dedication to shaping the future of aviation. This is Vertical MRO.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Bell and Precision Aviation Group.

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