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ASTerisk – Ben Williams, Former Naval Officer, an Award Winning Entrepreneur and Technologist

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by Ben Willams.

Williams is a passionate former Naval officer, award-winning entrepreneur and technologist, leading the commercialization of Exyn’s core technologies.

He is the chief operating officer of Exyn Technologies, an autonomous drone technology stack leading the industry in unstructured environment and GPS-denied navigation. Utilizing the knowledge he gained in the Navy, Williams is helping Exyn promote its 3D mapping software system and equipment in all sectors, including military and government.

The discussion touches on where this technology has been used to assist with unstable mines that have collapsed. This specific technology was used to save a rescue team a full week ahead of schedule. Additionally, Exyn can survey damaged buildings to prepare for rescues in a fraction of the time.

Tasks that previously would take weeks to complete, as far as mapping a newly destroyed area, can be surveyed in minutes to help assess destruction, as well as find heat signatures for finding people who might otherwise not be found in time to rescue them. Enjoy!

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