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ASTerisk – Dr. Taylor Ratcliff, Associate Medical Director, and Brandon Solomon, Paramedic, Hoist Operator, and Rescue Specialist, at Travis County StarFlight in Texas Discuss Patient Rapid Cooling

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Episode Description

In this ASTerisk episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by the team from Travis County Starflight, Texas – Dr. Taylor Ratcliff, Associate Medical Director, and Brandon Solomon, Flight Paramedic, Hoist Operator, and Rescue Specialist.

As we kick off the summer season, we explore the innovative techniques developed by Travis County StarFlight to combat exertional heat stroke in the field. Join us as we uncover their groundbreaking solution, which utilizes ice, cold water, and chilled IV fluids to rapidly cool patients in remote and challenging environments.

Our guests explain their method in detail, presenting compelling evidence of their operational success rates. We cover the basics of recognizing and treating heat stroke, the severe effects it has on the body, and the critical need for rapid cooling. You’ll learn about the use of ice in patient care and the development of a rapid cooling system that can be hoisted in to save lives.

The goal of this episode is to disseminate this life-saving information to as many people and agencies as possible. The method Travis County StarFlight has developed is applicable at any level of medical care, making it a vital tool for first responders and medical professionals alike. Don’t miss this episode filled with valuable insights and practical solutions for treating heat stroke in the field. Enjoy!

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