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ASTerisk – EURORSA Rescue Swimmer Meeting Cascais Portugal 2022 Debrief

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by board members of The Rescue Swimmer Association.We get to debrief an incredible meeting of rescue swimmers from around the world.With 22 countries represented and over 150 members meeting in Cascais, Portugal for RSM22!We recap four days of events and lectures concerning all things rescue swimmer related.It was early morning and late nights!Enjoy!




Thank you to those that support The Rescue Swimmer Association

EURORSA https://eurorsa.com/

Portuguese Airforce, https://www.emfa.pt/

Lifesaving Systems Corp. https://lifesavingsystems.com/

Leonardo Helicopters https://www.leonardo.com/

Liteflite, https://www.lite-flite.aero/

Ursuit, https://www.ursuit.com/

The City of Cascais, https://www.visitcascais.com/en

Collins Aerospace, Goodrich hoist & Winch, http://www.collinsaerospace.com/

Axnes, https://www.axnes.com/

Air Med & Rescue, https://www.airmedandrescue.com/welcome

IWCS, https://iwcs.org/

Cressi, https://www.cressi.com/

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Global Sys, https://global-sys.com/home

Airsafe, https://www.airsafe.se/en/

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