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ASTerisk – Olaf Leavelle and George Cavallo Discuss Leadership and CISM

Episode Description

In this ASTerisk episode of The Real ResQ, Olaf Leavelle and George Cavallo return to talk about leadership, mentorship, and the ever important topic, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.Having Olaf and George on this episode together was important because their dynamic as Senior Chief and Chief made for a solid and supportive work environment. Their leadership styles and the depth at which they knew and supported their crew were vital to those facing life altering rescues.We get into the why, how, and what should be done to support those who face difficult situations.A common conversation in our episodes surround cases that you will never forget.Some of our guests have referred to them as ‘the ghosts that come to you at random times throughout the day’. Listen to this entertaining yet powerful episode.Enjoy!




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