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ASTerisk- The Danish Rescue Swimmers In-Person from EURORSA 2024

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Episode Description

In this ASTerisk episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is live from EURORSA 2024. He sits down with Jesper Rintza and Martin Ravn, two rescue swimmers from the Danish Royal Air Force. They give an insider’s perspective, discussing how they do the job of a Rescue Swimmer.

First, both Rintza and Ravn tell a memorable rescue that stands out to each of them.  For Rintza, it was a rescue of two Olympian female sailors who went missing. After over an hour of searching, they located the women. The race was on to do everything they could to save the women. Next, for Ravn, he recalls a medevac from a cruise ship, where a patient was experiencing a possible heart attack and needed to get to the hospital.

In the next part of the conversation, we focus on the process that it takes to become a rescue swimmer in their squadron. They have a two-week physical fitness push and then lots of time in the helicopter getting on-the-job training. We discuss some of the medical training that they have to do as Danish Rescue Swimmers, as well as one of the procedures they use for a hypothermic victim in the water. Enjoy!

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