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ASTerisk – US Navy Debrief TARPON Springs SAR Exercise

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by US Navy sailors, Todd Coulard, Rescue Swimmer, Cory Hedges, Rescue Swimmer, and Ryan Honnoll, Corpsman.We get a rare chance to debrief a mass casualty training exercise that was conducted just one week prior to recording this conversation.These guys set up an amazing scenario to try and mimic a multitude of types of rescue. With a vague brief to the crews, they were launched out for the SAR call. The scenario was set up where the crews had to complete some precision hoisting to land, hoist rescue from a ship, rescue people in the water, deal with immediate medical care, and plan for getting to advanced medical care.After they talked through the whole scenario, we debriefed the event from beginning to end.We talked about lessons they learned, things that would change, and what can make it better.Enjoy!




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