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Episode 103 Neil Johnson USN RS

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Neil Johnson, USN RS.Neil recaps his three year enlistment in the Navy with some incredible stories. He tells us about the Mayday call for a pilot who needed to eject during his very first rescue.His second rescue was while he and his crew were flying Starboard/Deltas (in circles) covering all flight ops on the aircraft carrier. As they were in orbit, they watched the helo in front of them crash into the water.Again, Neil was ready to go and was hoisted down to grab one of the four crewmen that was in the water. As a Crew Chief/Hoist Operator, as they were flying from the mainland to the ship, they were diverted for a man overboard rescue.His last rescue that we talked about was a sailboat in distress where they assisted three survivors off the boat and out of the life raft. Enjoy!




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