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Episode 108 David Betts Australian Rescueman

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by David Betts, Australian Rescue Crewman.Starting out as a “nipper” or junior lifeguard, this job opened the world of rescue to David.He went on to helicopter rescue, studied to be a paramedic, and then went on to be a winch operator.We talk about his very first rescue, which happened during a time when he wasn’t even on duty! There were stranded people surrounded by fire on a mountain.His training and qualifications took him to England as a lifeguard for a bit and then he went to Ireland for a year to work with the Irish Coast Guard. After his year there and some memorable rescue stories, he went back to Australia.Working back in rescue helicopters, we discussed a couple more rescue missions.Even though there was a quick stint in the Australian Navy, David found himself back in the helicopter SAR world where he is working in a variety of areas. Enjoy!




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