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Episode 109 Ian Heikkila Hoist Operator

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Ian Heikkila, USCG Flight Mech/Hoist Operator.Ian and I reconnected again since working together in Humboldt Bay, CA., with the USCG.Ian talks about when he came into the USCG and his first unit on a buoy tender, in Cordova, AK.He had his very first rescue on that boat, which took 48 hours to even get on scene. While stationed on the buoy tender, he was sent out for work task via helicopter which was then diverted for a SAR call.From that point on, Ian was going to be an aviator!After a couple years in Humboldt, CA, he was on his way out of the USCG when he ended up in New Orleans for Hurricane Katrina. A slight change of plans from that event kept Ian in the USCG for a few more years and quite a few more rescues.He recaps some of those rescues with us.Since then, Ian has moved on to Columbia Helicopters flying on a Vertol 107, logging, firefighting, and now, hoist rescue. Enjoy!




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