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Episode 110 Adrian ”Nick” O’hara Irish Coast Guard Winch Operator and Winchman

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Adrian “Nick” O’Hara, winchman and winch operator for The Irish Coast Guard. Nick and I get deep into some of his rescues that he’s had throughout his career.His first memorable rescue was a fisherman stuck on the rocks in the middle of a river. Other rescue teams were present and had tied ropes to the man from both sides of the river. The next rescue we discussed was an injured mariner on a vessel in 8 meter (24 ft) waves.When the crew went to hoist the victim and the winchman off the boat, a bad swing caused the cable to break and they both ended up in the water.Another rescue we talked about was when he was called out to help seven fishermen on a sinking vessel.He and his crew saved all seven on board. This rescue earned him, specifically, The National Bravery Award.We finished our conversation discussing an incident that he went through involving a spin under the aircraft. This incident came back to haunt him later in his career.With his self awareness and peer support, he was able to confront the issue and beat it.Enjoy!




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