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Episode 111 Kendall Garran USCG Pilot

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Kendall Garran, USCG Pilot.Kendall and I got the opportunity to reconnect as well as go over some of her very memorable rescues.It just so happens that she and I were on the F/V Galaxy rescue together. We recap that crazy night and Kendall gives her version of the story.Before we get into that though, we go over quite a few memorable moments of her career.These stories involve her first rescue off of a cruise ship. She also discusses her involvement in the search for JFK Jr. after his plane went missing. Kendall met President George W. Bush after a rescue where five people were rescued from a vessel that was sinking right out from under them. On a tougher note, she revisits the difficult search for one of our own after a CG C130 had a mid-air collision with a Marine helicopter.We end with Kendall giving us further perspective of what other officer duties she was involved with outside of flying. Enjoy!




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