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Episode 113 Dan Leary USCG Pilot

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Dan Leary, USCG Pilot.Dan and I recap some of his memorable moments as a pilot in the US Coast Guard.His first rescue was out of Traverse City, Michigan for a jet skier who ran out of gas after trying to cross one of the Great Lakes. Or as he would say, it was a rescue call where “we [were] just a speed bump to the process of evolution.” He also remembers a rescue while he was on deployment to the Caribbean where someone had fallen about 80 feet off of a cruise ship and left floating in the water. While Dan was in Alaska, he had a couple of rescues.The first Alaska rescue was in about 40’ waves and 50-60 knot winds for an injured crewman who was hit in the face by a large line that had snapped. Another rescue Dan talks about revolved around him helping with the F/V Galaxy incident. He and his crew were there searching for those who were still missing that day.At his next unit in Port Angeles, Washington, he was launched out on a medevac for a guy with a broken leg on the side of Brothers Mountain, 6300 feet up.His career took him to the aviation school in Elizabeth City, NC.While there, it began a path that led him to what he is doing now.Enjoy!




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