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Episode 117 Terry and Sean Cross (Father and Son) USCG Pilots

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by USCG pilots Terry and Sean Cross,who just so happen to be father and son.With two generations back to back, each of them have had a wonderful career in the USCG.It was fun to listen to each of them talk about their first rescue, their favorite rescue, and the rescues that earned each of them an Air Medal.We discuss some of the great changes made over the years in USCG training and standards, as well as talking a little about the beginning of the USCG Rescue Swimmer program. As we finish our conversation, Sean talks about his current passion with USCG Aviation history. He discusses what he is doing to help preserve and recognize what USCG crews were called out to do. Enjoy!




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