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Episode 119 Jose Pastor Rescue Swimmer from Spain

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jose Pastor, Rescue Swimmer from Spain.Jose started his life in search and rescue as a lifeguard. He continued with a different route in search and rescue when an opportunity came up to work on ski patrol.He moved into helicopter rescue, working on a Bell 412 in the mountains. One of the first rescues of that unit was an injured hunter that they needed to recover. At his next unit, another rescue that stands out to him was an injured sailor that took over 45 minutes on scene to extract. The next opportunity that Jose had was joining the fire department, a job that he had for 13 years. As a fireman, he recalls a story where he helped with a mass incident in the Mediterranean Sea with over 10,000 people in the water. Today, he is back in the helicopter rescue working in the Netherlands.He recaps a day where he and his crew completed 6.7 hours of flight time after doing four missions back to back to back to back.Enjoy!




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