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Episode 120 Wayne Papalski, US Navy Search and Rescue Corpsman

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Wayne Papalski, US Navy SAR Corpsman. Wayne, who is also a co-host to Dust Off Medic podcast, came on here to tell us a few of his crazy rescue stories.We discuss six rescue calls that stand out to him.His first rescue as a SAR Corpsman involved three victims who were onboard a boiler ship that had an explosion. The next rescue that we hear about earned Wayne an Air Medal for a victim who slid 800 feet down a mountain and suffered a skull fracture, intracranial bleeding, an occluded artery, arm broken in four places, and extensive facial trauma. Wayne earned a Navy and Marine Corps Medal for traversing through swift water and flowing ice, uneven terrain, icy rocks and fallen trees to reach a critically injured survivor.Next, he earned the Naval Helicopter Association (NHA) award for a stranded and critically injured climber who had fallen down a cliff.Earning a second Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Wayne had a successful rescue of a back-country skier caught in multiple avalanches. Finally, we hear about a story that earned him another Air Medal. This one was for a rescue of a critically injured, unconscious climber at 8,500 feet, stuck in a deep draw surrounded by jagged rock spires and rugged terrain. Enjoy!




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