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Episode 121 Andrew Jarolimek, Pilot USCG and Civilian

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Andrew Jarolimek, pilot for the USCG, now flying as a civilian. Andrew takes us through a few of his very memorable rescues throughout his USCG career.One of the first rescues that he remembers was a 180 feet hoist medevac to a large ship with limited hoisting areas. Next, we get into three of the awards earned while he was in the Coast Guard. The first award was a Letter of Commendation for two British sea kayakers stranded in sea ice too thick to proceed, but too thin to support the kayakers. The next award was an Achievement Medal that he earned after completing six critical rescue missions while on deployment in Cold Bay, AK. The third award we hear about was a Commendation Medal for a paraglider that had crashed into trees 300 feet above the rocky shoreline which required a 130 foot hoist. Enjoy!




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