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Episode 122 Bret Fogle USCG RS 503

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Bret Fogel, USCG RS 503.Before the USCG, Bret was trying to decide what he really wanted to do with his life. While visiting a friend who was in the CG, he saw a Coast Guard pamphlet sitting on the coffee table. When he saw the picture of the guy jumping from the helicopter, he knew what he wanted to do.In our conversation, we talk about his first day of duty as a swimmer and being called out on three different rescue missions in one night. Next, we talk about one of his favorite rescues of a downed F16 pilot off of the North Carolina and Virginia coasts.Then we talk about the rescues he had during Hurricane Katrina that earned him an Air Medal.This leads us to another favorite rescue from when he was returning back to his unit post-Katrina and he and his crew came across an overturned vessel with four people in the water. We have a great time reminiscing about the USCG Rescue Swimmer Reunion, “DECERT” in Asheville, NC. Even though he is no longer in the CG, Bret continues to live the life of a swimmer through other avenues. He talks about what he and fellow Rescue Swimmer 711, Steve Gonzalez are doing now as they help prepare people who are considering becoming a Rescue Swimmer. Listen to Bret talk about Ready Swimmer, a program designed to coach individuals at a personal level as they set out to reach their swimmer goals.Enjoy!




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