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Episode 124 Roger Chivers USCG RS 171

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by one of my AST “A” School instructors, Roger Chivers USCG RS 171.Roger and I recap his incredible career. After bootcamp, he went to a small boat station where he had his very first SAR call out.From there, we hear about his aviation career, which includes talking about his Distinguished Flying Cross that he earned while stationed in Sitka, Alaska. This rescue was of three people, in a raft, in 25-foot waves, with 50 knot winds and 35 degree water. This was Rogers' biggest rescue while in the USCG.He tells us one more heartfelt rescue that he remembers about a vessel taking on water.When they arrived onscene, the vessel had driven up into a tight cove.This made it so if the helicopter flew in, they were not going to be able to turn around. Roger spoke up with an idea about directing the helicopter backwards into the cove to complete the rescue. Enjoy!




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