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Episode 125 Christine Cole USCG Health Services Technician and Flight Corpsman

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Christine Cole, prior USCG Health Services Technician (HS). As a civilian paramedic, Christine was looking for more out of the job. She decided to join the USCG. While she was in the USCG, her goal was to be a flight corpsman. Christine went above and beyond her regular duties and responsibilities to complete a flight physical, get “duck” qualified, and start working on a flight corpsman syllabus at Air Station Atlantic City, NJ. After her hard work, she was relocated to where she truly wanted to be, Kodiak, AK. This is where she went to the next level. She spent time working in the clinic performing normal responsibilities and in addition standing lots of back to back on call duty. During her time in Kodiak, she flew on many Medivacs and SAR cases, sometimes on the HH60, sometimes on the HC130, and sometimes on both. Christine talks about a few rescues that stand out to her while she was there.During her first case, she flew to a very remote village to assist a man who was in an ATV accident. Her second case, which made it onto CNN news, was of a man attacked by five bears. We discuss a rescue of six patients stranded 820 nautical miles from Kodiak that earned her a Letter of Commendation.She earned a Commendation Medal for a rescue in extreme weather, 1000 miles west of Kodiak.Plus we get to commend her for a rare recognition that she earned, The Perchard Award, chosen by the ward room H60 pilots. Enjoy!




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