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Episode 126 Doctor Ikenna Worgu from Nigeria

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Doctor Ikenna Worgu from Nigeria.Ikenna has a very unique story about his profession.As an optometrist doctor, his goal has been to give people their sight back.He has been able to practice in five different countries helping those in need.One of the stories that stands out to him was when he was doing an exam on an elderly lady and she went into cardiac arrest in front of him. He immediately began CPR to bring her back to life. The patient was so grateful Ikenna helped save her life that she insisted that he perform the surgery to also repair her eyesight as well.With a successful surgery to repair her eyes to full sight, she lived the rest of her life happy.Another patient that he remembers well, was a young boy who took a hit to the face playing soccer.The blunt force hit was so hard to the head it caused a tear to his cornea.We divert a bit with a discussion of struggles he has faced in the five different countries with culture.Enjoy!




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