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Episode 127 Riverside County Sheriff Department Earn the 2022 APSA (Aviation Public Safety Association) Aircrew of The Year Award

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, I teamed up with Jon Gray from Hangar Z podcast and together we interview the crew of Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Aviation Unit Star 9, who won the Airborne Public Safety Association Captain “Gus” Crawford Memorial Aircrew of the year award for 2022. (Episode 72 on the Hangar Z Podcast site.)The crew consisted of Deputy Chad Marlatt acting as the PIC, Corporal Andy Rasmussen acting as the SIC, Deputy Drew Pigott acting as the Crew Chief, Deputy Michael Edwards Rescuer, and Deputy Mike Doyle acting as the catcher. In the interview, the Rescue 9 crew breaks down what ended up being an officer-down type rescue and incident. The team was dispatched to an injured California State Park Ranger who had slipped approximately 200 feet down a hillside on icy snow. The ranger grabbed a small bushy branch, which stopped his slide just at the edge of a cliff approximately 500 feet high. The ranger radioed them and advised that hypothermia was setting in, and given his position, he will not live if he is not rescued very shortly.

For those who have not listened to the Hangar Z podcast, Jon Gray created the first and only podcast dedicated to promoting and exploring the personnel and equipment behind the missions of public safety aviation. Enjoy!




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