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Episode 135 Jerry Hoover USCG RS 104

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jerry Hoover USCG RS 104.I was able to spend the first four months of my Rescue Swimmer career with Jerry in Elizabeth City, NC.Prior to school, while I was an Airman at the shop, Jerry was one of the guys that helped prepare me for Rescue Swimmer School.We talked about his very first rescue out of New Orleans, which just so happened to be the very first rescue made by a Rescue Swimmer in New Orleans.This case involved a call out for an overdue boat in Lake Pontchartrain which turned out to be people in the water. Next, we talk about two Air Medals that he earned while he was in the USCG.The first Air Medal was for Hurricane Floyd relief efforts that affected eastern North Carolina.His second Air Medal was for his Hurricane Katrina relief in New Orleans.We finished off our talk with a rescue he wrote about in his book, Brotherhood of the Fin. For Jerry, this was personally his ‘biggest’ rescue that he had while he was in the USCG.This one didn't come with any awards or write-ups, just a tough case that sticks in his memory. Enjoy!




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