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Episode 138 Sebastian Schneider, Hoist Instructor from Germany

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Sebastian Schneider, a Hoist Instructor from Germany. With a background in the German military as a medic, Sebastian has seen quite a bit.He tells us a story about a climber who fell 20m/60ft in a canyon that he and his crew had to rescue. Hoisting the medics into the scene, they were surprised to see the victim had only a broken leg.Next, we discuss his current role as a hoist operator instructor with DRF.In this role, he is able to pass the lessons that he has learned from actual rescues onto the next generation, as well as the good advice that he has received from others.His goal is to prepare the next generation of aircrews to execute the rescues to the very best of their abilities. Enjoy!




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