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Episode 139 Jon Bartel USCG Pilot

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jon Bartel, USCG Pilot.Jon started his career as a school teacher, but decided that was not what he wanted to do.He went into construction and that is where he learned about the Coast Guard.Jon signed up, went to boot camp, and has served ever since.As we discuss his 26 year strong career, we talk about so many stories.These stories include cross country flights, flying the US Secretary of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement missions, and his first flight in Alaska. Then we get into some of his rescue stories. The first rescue that Jon recalls was about a girl who had fallen off a cliff near Astoria, Oregon. We continue on discussing four more stories, three of which came with awards, including two separate Coast Guard Achievement Medals, and CG Commendation medal. We finish our conversation with one more feel good rescue that Jon had where he received a letter from the person they saved. Enjoy!




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