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Episode 140 Dr Ben Meadley Flight Paramedic from Australia

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Dr. Ben Meadley, a flight paramedic from Australia. Ben has been working in the EMS and helicopter world for over 25 years. In January of 2023, he earned the Ambulance Service Medal for his service and for everything that he has done for Australia's medical community. As we get into our conversation, we talk about his first helicopter rescue.The victim took a crash off his motorbike and sustained severe injuries.Ben hiked up 800 meters of steep, rugged terrain with about 40kg/88lb of equipment.The rescue was not over after the patient was treated. Ben had to relocate him to another location so that they could then be hoisted out. The second rescue involves a guy that went abseiling off the side of a cliff.Everything seemed to be great until he got to the end of the rope with 60 meters left to get to the bottom. With no way to get up or down, he made a call to his wife for help. The third rescue that we talked about involved two kayakers who were injured and needed extraction.What made this rescue stand out was the extra five guys there asking for a ride out so they didn't have to walk. We finished our conversation talking about the research that he has done regarding the demands that we encounter in the rescue world. Ben presented this information at the EURORSA 2022 meeting, another topic discussed in this episode. Enjoy!





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