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Episode 142 Nic Holmes from South Africa

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Nic Holmes from South Africa.Nic recaps eleven (and we could have done more too!) that he has been involved as a rope rescue technician. We start with his first rescue of three guys who literally ran off a cliff. The news headline with this rescue was, ‘Three Rescued After Gorge Tumble’. The second story he tells us is based on the new headline, ‘Fireman Suffers ‘Only a Broken Leg’ after a 35 m fall’.Our third story has stuck with Nic since it happened. He and his team were dispatched for a 16-year-old female who jumped off of a cliff.Nic tells many more stories, stories involving running four rescues in the matter of three hours, a man who survived a 60 m plunge, and rescues of “man’s best friends”. Nic’s rescue stories continue and we are here for each and every one of them. He talks about a body recovery at the base of a cliff in Winston Park. Another rescue that we hear about is from a news clipping that says, ‘Man hijacked and thrown off Kloof gorge cliff’. To finish off the eleventh and final story, Nic shares a memory where a drunk guy jumped over a barrier to evade police but on the other side was a 30m cliff. Enjoy!




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