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Episode 144 Brian Fishbook, Ski Patrol, Helicopter Hoist Operator and Paramedic from Canada

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Brian Fishbook, a Ski Patrol, Hoist Operator and Paramedic from Canada. Growing up around the Vancouver, Canada and Whistler area, Brian has seen some amazing things in his 26 years as a ski patroller.He recalls several “first” rescues on the mountains, from a simple broken wrist walking to the ski patrol lodge, to a major head injury and seizure in extreme cold weather.We then talk about his first and second longline rescues. These stories are about a kid who went off trail and was stuck for the night and a guy stuck in a ‘snow mushroom’.Next, Brian tells us about a time one of his partners got stuck in an avalanche and another time the two of them survived a helicopter engine flameout. We get back to another first when he was part of the team to complete the very first RAPATTACK rescue of an injured fireman. Our last two stories are some of his most memorable rescues.At the 2010 Winter Olympics, he was called to help an injured skier who crashed on the course.The next was an X Games skier who had a terrible crash on an attempted jump.We finish our conversation with what he does to help with avalanche prevention, by blowing the snow up!Enjoy!

Additional correction to the episode: The Rapattack program that Brian mentions was actually started in 1977.




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