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Episode 145 Bob McMahon Pilot for Delaware State Police and Volunteer Firefighter

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Bob McMahon, Delaware State Police, pilot, and volunteer firefighter. As a retired police officer of 41 years, as well as an inductee into the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame, Bob has some great stories. The first story that Bob considers his most memorable is one that has never actually been told until now. During his off time, Bob and his girlfriend (now wife) were spending a day at the beach. While he was alone in the water, he watched a lady and her baby get hit by a wave, causing them to become separated.Being in the right spot at the right time was all that mattered that day as the outcome of this event was determined by a set of little toes. The second story of this episode is about a boat that capsized causing four people to fall into the water.A second boat on scene helped locate the victims and drive them to the beach where Bob was able to land the helicopter. He jumped out of the running helo to help with the victims. Doing everything they could to give the victims the best chance of survival, Bob and crew flew to the hospital wet, covered in sand, and with no communication, landed in the parking lot of the Emergency Room. Our third story is about a diving accident which caused the patient to go into cardiac arrest.Working in tandem with the USCG, 12 miles offshore, they had to come up with an idea to get the medics from the helicopter to the boats. It seemed to be that a jump from the helicopter to the boat was the only real option. Another interesting story that Bob thinks about is not the normal rescue mission many associate with what we do. This one was for a child that needed medication, immediately. Bob jumped into the helicopter, flew to an area where the pharmacy was, landed, and got the attention of the local police to help him out. The plan worked as advertised! We finish our conversation talking about the joys of being an instructor and the great feeling he gets when he sees his students succeed and grow. Enjoy!




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