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Episode 146 Michael Allen, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Michael Allen from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (AZ-DPS). Michael, who was born and raised in Arizona, started his career with the fire department.In line to make Captain, he decided to change careers and move on to work with the Air Rescue Unit for AZ-DPS.After a seven month academy and then another four months of Air Rescue Training, he is doing what he has always wanted to do!As he starts getting into some of his rescue stories, we go over a few “first’s” that he had.While in the training phase, he was called for a rescue with people trapped by flood waters who needed to short haul out. When he was officially qualified for all rescue operations, he was called out for a hunter who fell down a ravine into thick forest and brush and broke his leg.Michael had to rappel in, package the patient, and be short hauled out for three miles to the nearest landing zone.He talks about another rescue on Mount Lemmon where five people and two dogs were stuck on a very slippery, icy slope.We talk about two rescues where he and his crews were helping Customs and Border Protection. The last two rescues discussed are two stories that stand out to him.One of them was a base jumper where the jump went bad and he was stuck on the cliff side.The other story is a rock climber that was hiking, took a fall and broke both ankles.Enjoy!




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