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Episode 147 Jim Shorten (Jones) US Navy, US Army Special Operations and US Air Force Pararescue

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Jim Shorten (Jones) who served in the US Navy, the US Army, and the US Air Force. Jim goes down memory lane with us and recalls stories from his time in Vietnam, while he was with the Navy and the Army Special Forces.He was with a special detachment intelligence group that required him and his teams to go “across the fence.” He takes us through a few of his rescue missions known as ‘Brightlight’s’.We talk about some of his missions as an Air Force Pararescue, including one where he went 1000 miles offshore, freefalling into thirty foot waves and flying back only a 100 feet above the water.We talked about so much that this write up would go on for a long time.Jim talks about jump missions, training, working with NASA, and much more.This was a very fun conversation for me.Enjoy!




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