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Episode 148 Darcy Guyant – US Army and US Coast Guard Pilot

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Darcy Guyant, pilot from the US Army and the US Coast Guard.After flying seven years in the Army, Darcy made the change to the USCG.His first rescue was in the USCG in the H52 where he landed in the water for a ‘platform pickup’.His second story with us is one of his most memorable stories.While in Port Angeles WA there was a call on Dungeness Spit where eight people were trapped due to high tide and fire on the island. The next story he tells us was as he and his crew were returning from a rescue call, Darcy all of a sudden became ill in the helicopter.A moment that he remembers vividly that changes his flying career forever. The last rescue story Darcy talks about with us earned him a Coast Guard Commendation Medal for saving three people from a sinking vessel in “50-55 knot winds and 20-25 foot seas”.We finished up our conversation talking about a book that Darcy wrote as a memoir for his granddaughter which turned into a children's book called “Into The Storm”. Enjoy!





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