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Episode 15 Shannon Scaff USCG RS #437

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, Shannon Scaff, USCG Rescue Swimmer #437 joins the podcast to discuss 3, intense and jaw dropping missions that earned him two Air Medals and one Distinguished Flying Cross.Shannon recaps being launched out during Hurricane Floyd to a site where over 100 civilians waited for rescue.He then details being sent to rescue two people who needed saving, but not without their dog who just so happened to be strapped into a life vest.Finally, in a case so difficult that it required two Rescue Swimmers on board, Shannon speaks of a boat taking on water in 60 foot seas, at 3am in January.Faith, determination, strategy, and strength were all needed to save the lives of those in distress, as well as all of the crew on board.Enjoy!

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