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Episode 151 Dillon Nelson and his Cadaver Dog Jakoby – Part 2

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are once again joined by Dillon Nelson with more stories about him and his cadaver dog, Jakoby. Dillon and Jakoby have continued to train and have been called out for searches on missing people.He comes on to tell us some of his most recent stories. The first story Dillon talks about was when he and Jakoby were called out by the Georgia Task Force to search for a missing guy.They started the search based on footage from someone’s trail camera. Another call out was requested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI). This was in regards to a missing person. When they got on scene, they came upon pitbulls that were chained up at the house.These dogs were not happy to see Dillon, nor were they too thrilled to see Jakoby.The next story was a search for a missing body that was allegedly buried in and around a chicken coop. Next, we talk about a search for a missing person that had been missing for the last 35 years. Dillon talks about a goal that he has been working toward, getting over to Vietnam to help find some of our POW/MIA from the war.We cut into one more story where he and Jakoby received a letter of appreciation directly from the GBI for a search of a missing person that led to Dillon having to fight a dog and the GBI making an arrest!Enjoy!




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