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Episode 152 Gabe Sage USCG Rescue Swimmer 489

Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, we are joined by Gabe Sage, USCG Rescue Swimmer 489.Growing up in Santa Cruz, CA, Gabe loved surfing and spending time on the beach as a lifeguard. Then came that inevitable point when it was time to get a “real job”.After seeing a cliff rescue on TV, he knew he had to become a USCG Rescue Swimmer.The first rescue we talk about earned Gabe a Certificate of Commendation from the US Marine Corps for saving three guys from the local Marine base. The guys went out on a diving trip and as they were underwater, they watched their boat sink past them.The next rescue we talk about earned him an Air Medal and the Coast Guard Foundation Award out of Astoria, OR.The sailing vessel KAMAA was being battered in “30 foot seas and 50 knot winds,” and the two people on board needed to get off the boat.He talks about another rescue that earned him the Coast Guard Foundation Award for a second year in a row.This award was earned for helping save 12 people stuck on a boat that ran aground and was going to capsize. Gabe was another Rescue Swimmer who responded to the support relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina.He recaps his most memorable rescue during that event. Gabe takes us back to HI where a couple rescues still stand out to him.The first rescue was where he was put down in the water for 26 people who were in life rafts.The last rescue was a story that really stands out to him, a guy in a kayak offshore that just didn’t seem right to Gabe.When he got down in the water with the man, it was a conversation that led to Gabe saving his life.Enjoy!




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