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Episode 154 [Part 1] Brice Stella – Los Angeles County Sheriff

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Episode Description

In this Part 1 episode of The Real ResQ, Brice Stella from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department joins the show.

Stella goes over his amazing 33-year career with the LA Sheriff’s Department. With all the many paths that he took from the beginning of his career to retirement – including patrol officer, SWAT, diver, medic, to Air Rescue 5 – he has a plethora of stories to tell.

He also talks about his first day in SWAT, where he had two events happen on the same day! He was called to assist on a shooting and then called out to a bank robbery in progress. As a scuba diver for the department, one of his memories was when he helped recover a Cessna airplane crash from 200 feet underwater.

Then we get into his stories from the time he was at Air Rescue 5.  He has a long list of stories that stand out to him while he was working there. These rescues include a car crash, a man stuck on a cliff, and a woman who needed medical attention.

Thankfully for that story, his partner that day was the best person to be there for the woman in need. Stella also tells us about a kid under the influence who was going to jump off a cliff, and also a story about a bad motorcycle crash.

A few more stories include being on vacation and helping someone who fell and tore a tendon, a rescue of people and puppies stuck in the middle of a river, and a woman he caught in mid-air as she was sliding down a hillside, and more. Enjoy!

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