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Episode 158: Jeremy Bersin – Emergency Disaster Response

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, Jeremy Bersin joins the show. 

Bersin previously worked in emergency medical services (EMS) and is currently with emergency disaster response. At a young age, Bersin started working in the hospital, seeing and experiencing the medical world. When he went through his emergency medical technician (EMT) course, he fell in love with the job.  

Bersin tells us of a few memorable callouts while he was working in Hartford, Connecticut. His first call was for an elderly woman who went into a full cardiac arrest.  Next, we talk about a man who was more than just stabbed across his abdomen.  Bersin tells another great story of when the ambulance was stuck in the mud. We talk a little more about working in your hometown, and having to see and care for people you know.  

From Hartford, our conversation transitions to his work in Boston. We talk a little bit about the Boston Marathon bombing and how he and his team assisted behind the scenes and for weeks after the incident. He is also reminded of and tells us about a drive-by shooting he was called to. 

We finish our conversation with what he is doing now with emergency disaster response. From helping a few people that have been displaced due to a home fire to a full-on hurricane relief effort, the stories are incredible. Enjoy!


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