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Episode 160: Nick Yates and Spencer Payne from Brotallion

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn speaks with Spencer Payne and Nick Yates from Brotallian.

Both Payne and Yates were U.S. Army pilots for many years. They both also have unique stories as to how they came into the Army and started their flying career. Additionally, they provide the full story as to how and why Brotallian started.

Payne then speaks about his rescue mission while he was in Afghanistan. It just so happened it was his crew’s rotation time to be on the medevac team. He and his crew were launched out to another area after multiple people had been injured and they were called in to help get them out.

Yates tells some of his medevac stories about guys having field accidents and he and his crew had to respond. His first one was for a dehydrated soldier out in the field. The mission was successful, but for Yates, it came with so many lessons learned for the next one. Another medevac that stands out to him was when he was called out for a soldier that had a major eye injury.

The discussion concludes by debriefing a few key points. They also discuss the Brotallian Blue Skies Foundation and what they are doing to provide post-mishap support to those gold star aviation families. Enjoy!

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