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Episode 163 [Part 2] Riverside County Sheriff Office California

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Episode Description

In this new episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn brings us Part Two of his conversation with three Riverside County Sheriff Officers about their amazing recent rescues. Mike Calhoun, Manny Romero and Travis Lloyd bring us step-by-step through what they are doing to help rescue those in need in Riverside County, California.

Then we introduce the first ever Real ResQ Roundup, where audience-submitted questions are answered by guests. We learn all about the Riverside County Sheriff operations and the details of each of their recent rescues.

These rescues include: A pitch-black night rescue of a patient who fell and hit her head. Next, they speak about the rescue of a mountain biker who needed to be hoisted out after a bad crash. However, it didn’t end there, because they went back to get the bike! Oh, and it was not the first time they have done this!

Then the conversation diverts and they share how they saved a trapped horse by short-hauling it out to safety. Next, a cliff rescue of a climber who broke his hand 800 feet up on a climb. After, they discuss a rescue that almost went very wrong as they were finishing the hoist and losing power. Enjoy!

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