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Episode 166 [Part 1] Ivo Pinto Portuguese Air Force Rescue Swimmer and Helicopter Tactics Instructor

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Episode Description

In Part 1 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ sits down with Ivo Pinto from Portugal, a Portuguese Air Force Rescue Swimmer and Helicopter Tactics Instructor. Pinto shares his experiences and insights into being a rescue swimmer with the Portuguese Air Force. They talk about some of the training involved, and about the challenges faced during long-range missions that have them flying hours to locations.

Pinto shares his first rescue on an Alouette helicopter searching for a woman missing in four-meter (12-foot) seas. While on scene, another asset on a jetski was there helping them. The jet skier found himself in trouble and Pinto ended up having to save him.

Pinto’s second rescue story was about an overturned vessel with six people in the water. This conversation highlights the different approaches to rescue and the importance of choosing what works best for each situation. We finish Part 1 hearing about Pinto’s first rescue in the H101, where they were called out for a “two adults and four children.” A small 10-meter (30-foot) vessel that was being thrashed in the seas.  Enjoy!

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