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Episode 166 [Part 2] Ivo Pinto Portuguese Air Force Rescue Swimmer and Helicopter Tactics Instructor

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Episode Description

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ continues the conversation with Ivo Pinto from Portugal, a Portuguese Air Force Rescue Swimmer and Helicopter Tactics Instructor.

They start with a story about a big rescue Pinto was involved in, a rescue that earned him a Aeronautical Merit Medal from the Portuguese Air Force. They responded to a large catamaran that had flipped over and was getting beaten apart by the waves.

Next, Pinto tells us about a tough day when he was hoisted into a raft in the ocean. No one was in there, which meant there were four people floating in the middle of the ocean.

We get into another story where they were called out to a cargo ship in some pretty big waves for a seaman having some withdrawal issues. The last rescue that he talked about is a recent one about a sailing vessel with a broken rudder, two people, and a cat.

They finished their conversation talking about EURORSA and the upcoming events for RSM24, as well as a great piece of advice about staying curious.  Enjoy!

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