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Episode 167 [Part 1] Rob Simpson USCG Rescue Swimmer 699

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Episode Description

In this Part 1 episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by Rob Simpson, United States Coast Guard (USCG) Rescue Swimmer 699. Now retired from the USCG, we are able to hear about his amazing career.

Simpson discusses his time on Coast Guard cutters, including challenging boarding team operations and interdictions. He also talks about his transition to becoming a rescue swimmer and the challenges he faced during his early rescues.

During his first rescue, Simpson was called out for a medevac to a boat that he was hoisted onto and had to use a litter for extraction. Simpson continues with more of his rescues, including a follow-up rescue from a plane crash where he literally walked in the footsteps of the swimmer before him. Other rescues include a kid who was floating in a big ice tote; a group of people stuck on the ridgeline of a mountain; a kayaker stuck in a cove due to wind; and a guy lost in the woods. There is no lack of great rescue stories in this episode. Enjoy!

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