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Episode 167 [Part 2] Rob Simpson USCG Rescue Swimmer 699

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Episode Description

In Part 2 of The Real ResQ – Episode 167, host Jason Quinn continues his conversation with Rob Simpson, USCG Rescue Swimmer 699.  Simpson wrote a powerful article for Mountain Tactical Institute titled: “Speaking to a Flight Doc about My Sleeping and Stress Struggles Got Me Grounded … But it was Worth It.”

We learn about the details about the events discussed in Simpson’s article. We hear how his mental health was affected by being a rescue swimmer and how he eventually sought help. While Simpson got grounded from flying, he used the time to come back stronger and it was not the end of his story. Simpson highlights the physical and emotional demands of being a rescue swimmer and the importance of addressing mental health issues.

The conversation continues to discuss Rob’s journey of recovery and the process of returning to flight duties. The key takeaways include the need for open communication, trust, and gratitude in dealing with mental health issues. Enjoy!

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