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Episode 168 Tom Jewell and Rob Winger, Firefighters from Essex County, United Kingdom

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Episode Description

In this episode of The Real ResQ, host Jason Quinn is joined by two firefighters from Essex County, United Kingdom. Tom Jewell and Rob Winger join Quinn to share experiences and stories from their time in the fire service. They discuss their backgrounds, including family connections to firefighting, and their journey to becoming firefighters.

Jewell retells the first two rescues that stand out to him. The first was a shipping container fire and his second was the stereotypical ‘cat stuck in a tree!’ For Winger, the first two rescues that stand out were life lessons. The first was a fire where he had to search for a baby potentially located somewhere in the building. The second was a large fire in a flat where he had to pull a victim out of the building.

They also speak about their involvement in the International Search and Rescue Team, which responds to natural disasters around the world. Both Jewell and Winger continue to share memorable rescue stories. These include a rescue from a rolled over lorry, a rescue from a left-hand drive lorry, the clean-up process after a rescue, unusual callouts, international deployments, and logistics of deployments and rescue operations in Morocco.

They tell all about the founding of The Soteria Group (TSG) and offer advice for young firefighters. At the end of the conversation, Jewell and Winger explain the importance of owning mistakes and recovering from them when they occur, as well as learning from others’ experiences in the fire service. Enjoy!

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