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Episode 169 [Part 1] Dave Callen, CFI pilot, owner and instructor, SR3 Rescue Concepts and Ret. Las Vegas Metro Police

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Episode Description

In Part 1 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ sits down with Dave Callen, a retired Las Vegas police officer, pilot and owner of SR3 Rescue Concepts.

They discuss Callen’s career in law enforcement and aviation, including his experience as a rescue pilot. Callen shares his first three call outs as a rescue pilot and conveys how excited and ready he was for each of them.

They speak quite a bit about the challenges of flying at high altitudes. Callen also tells an exciting story out of Las Vegas about a challenging rescue for a lady who was lost in the Mount Charleston area at around 11,000 feet.

Callen reflects on search-and-rescue (SAR) callouts, the importance of decision-making and leadership in high-stress situations, and the responsibility of leaders to trust their team and provide them with the tools to make good decisions. Overall, for a woman who was lost in the Mount Charleston area, this highlights the importance of learning from mistakes and constantly improving in order to ensure the safety of all involved. Enjoy!

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