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Episode 169 [Part 2] Dave Callen, CFI Pilot, Owner and Instructor or SR3 Rescue Concepts and Ret. Las Vegas Metro Police

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Episode Description

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ sits down with Dave Callen, a retired Las Vegas police officer, pilot, and owner of SR3 Rescue Concepts.

Callen and Quinny discuss two helicopter incidents that he experienced while flying. In the first incident, Callen describes feeling overwhelmed and panicked as he tries to find a landing spot during an engine failure.

He emphasizes the importance of flying at higher altitudes to allow for more time to react. In the second incident, which occurred on New Year’s Eve, Callen and his colleague Paul experienced another engine failure and made an emergency landing.

In this final part of this conversation, Callen shares the importance of good training and how it played a crucial role in his successful landing during an emergency. He also discusses the founding of SR3 Rescue Concepts and how it honors his late friend and colleague.

Callen recounts a tragic accident that occurred during a rescue mission and the lessons learned from it. He emphasizes the value of continuous improvement and humility in the field of rescue operations. Enjoy!

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