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Episode 170 [Part 2] Matt Thiessen USCG Rescue Swimmer 502

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Episode Description

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, host Jason Quinn of The Real ResQ is joined by one of his rescue swimmer classmates, Matt Theissen, U.S. Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer 502.

We begin Part 2 in Kodiak, Alaska, where Thiessen recounts a few of his rescues. He was sent to evacuate a severely injured crewman suffering from head trauma and multiple seizures, earning him a Coast Guard Commendation Medal. A year later, he earned another Coast Guard Commendation Medal for the similar case of a severely injured crewman with severe head trauma.

Next, we transition to Hawaii, where Thiessen talks about a rescue where he assisted the saving of a $54 million, 186-foot University of Hawaii research vessel taking on water. This case earned him another Achievement Medal.

We continue our conversation by talking about his time in Houston, Texas. Here, Thiessen earned a second Air Medal and a Meritorious Service Medal for his efforts during Hurricane Harvey. He was flying the first day and night and helped save 28 people. Plus, he maintained and organized 75 Coast Guard rescue swimmers and 15 Air Force pararescuemen for the duration of the hurricane response. Enjoy!

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